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Outdoor Banners are made of Vinyl or PVC banner material and are most often used to promote your company's logo, a special promotion or event. Since vinyl is a very flexible as well as portable material you can see vinyl banners just about anywhere.

Vinyl banners are commonly used as attention getting signage, table banners, trade show banners, building banners, street banners and it has been claimed that they were used for water slides.

Dimension Specialist, Inc. offers quality vinyl banner with optional outside hems for more strength in the wind and to ensure that Grommets are secured properly.

Grommets are the nickel holes that enable the banner to be hung on fence posts, walls, or on the side of buildings.

Pole Pockets are also offered if you need to hang your banner from the ceiling.
Posters are a direct way of communicating with people. Individuals and companies use posters to deliver a marketing message to a target audience, promote a product or service, and brings attention to an event or tradeshow.

Posters create an affordable high-quality signage with an attention getting design.
Coroplast signs are ideal for temporary use and an outdoor material of choice for personalized yard signs, campaign signs, disposable real estate signs and small scale advertising. Coroplast is a high quality plastic with a corrugated, twin wall profile, giving it an appearance to plastic cardboard.

Gator Board sign
Foam Board sign
Gatorfoam® foam board is an extruded polystyrene foam board bonded between two layers of Luxcell veneer. It's a heavy duty yet versatile foam board and is great for many indoor advertising. Foam board is not waterproof but it does give a nice smooth finish look for any advertising sign.